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Support Group Meetings

Infertility + Loss Support Group Meetings

On the 4th Thursday of the month (with the exception of holidays), we hold a virtual support group meeting. This support group is to talk about infertility, loss, and pregnancy after loss. 


This is for anyone experiencing infertility whether it be primary or secondary. Infertility can leave you feeling isolated. Our support group meeting is for you to be surrounded by others who know that isolation and desire to be a parent. 

Loss + Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy loss takes a piece of you. Once you know you are carrying your precious baby, that love is endless. This still rings true when they don't get to stay. When you get pregnant after loss, the fear can come back and anxiety surfaces. Talking about it with others or simply sitting among a group of people and hearing their stories can help manage that anxiety. 

You may resonate with one or both of these categories. Whichever it is, we will provide a space for you to observe, be heard, or feel validated. This is for you, so we want this meeting to be exactly what you need.

The link for this recurring meeting can be found here​.


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