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Your Words Matter

She asked them if they planned on having kids. They said yes and then she advised they better get started. Little did she know they had just finished their third failed IUI and were preparing for IVF.

He asked them when they were going to have another and told them they should give their son a sibling soon so they’ll be close in age. He had no clue what they went through to get their rainbow baby after 3 miscarriages and how blessed they felt to have him- let alone the terror in trying for another, along with the guilt of knowing he may not have siblings.

She asked them how many kids they wanted. They spent tens of thousands to have their daughter. Growing a family was a financial burden to them compared to others. She didn’t know.

He told them he couldn’t even tell their son was adopted. He didn’t realize they never really thought about that term. Their son was just theirs. They hoped these comments wouldn't happen when he was old enough to understand as that was his story to share if he chose to.

What they should have said was….

You will make terrific parents some day.

You have a blessed family.

You can tell you love being parents.

What a wonderful family you have.

Your words are powerful, your words mean something. Choose wisely.

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