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World IVF Day

I am so moved by this day for too many reasons.

Those that pursue this route didn’t just wake up and choose it.

It chose us.

Whether it be because of female or male factor infertility, same-sex couples, age, or whatever else the reason, it is a long road.

So. Many. Shots.

Literally stabbing your bottom at a Christmas party, hidden in the bathroom.

Hormones that make menopause seem pleasant.

The longing, excitement, hope, debilitating fear, and joy are all consuming.

But the true heroes are these babes.

Many were frozen in time and survived many trips before making it to their mamas.

Those babes are our calming force- reassuring their mamas that they are here and they aren’t going anywhere.

Our forces of nature we never realized we needed so much.

In 1978, a world of possibilities began for us in this club nobody wants to belong to.

Thank you science.

Thank you higher powers that be.

Thank you, to our miraculous IVF babes.

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