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To the Dad in Waiting on Father's Day

I need you to know I see you, too.

You never talk about it, because you‘ve never heard any guy ever talk about this.

Your partner needs you, so you stay strong.

What you’d really like is to break something.

It isn’t that you don’t want to be supportive, but all of these questions from random strangers about your swimmers feels emasculating.

Sex used to be fun and has now boiled down to making sure your guys do their thing in a petri dish.

All these things build on each other and you have no outlet.

You see it all around you.

The social media posts reminding you of what you don’t have.

The father-son duo playing catch outside.

The daddy daughter dance posts from friends.

The times you see your friends interact with their kids.

But the worst is seeing her face as she cries after another negative pregnancy test, which turns into a failed IUI, and then unsuccessful IVF transfer.

How much more can you take?

As much as she can, because as much as you want this, she does too.

So you keep moving forward.

For you, for her, and for that future baby.

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