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The Infertility Friendship

You didn’t meet them in college.

They haven’t been your bestie since childhood.

Yet, they know more about you than anyone else in your life.

It isn’t that they know you prefer hard serve ice cream to soft or what your favorite binge-worthy show is.

They do know your deepest yearning for a baby, though, and how loss has changed you forever.

You initially bonded over a quick convo you shared about IVF injections.

That led to texting one another during your two week wait and praying you’d both share happy news- baby names picked out and dreams of future playdates vivid in your minds.

You met in a fertility and loss support group. Hearing them talk was like listening to your own heart.

Being around someone who got it was everything.

Sharing in your losses together and morning what you lost bonded you in ways you couldn’t put into words.

You met at a pregnancy class. Both of you learning you had infertility, and a long road to get here, in common.

Texting became daily during your pregnancy. It was crucial on the days leading up to each ultrasound because of course something was going to go wrong.

But nothing did go wrong and they were here to remind you of that.

Infertility and loss leaves you heartbroken with isolating thoughts and endless fear of the unbearable.

If you are lucky, they can also help you find lifelong friends that are family who will always get it.

These friendships may have been formed during dark times, but they’ll evolve into something more profound.

Now they do know your ice cream of choice and go-to Netflix series, but also remember the dark days while soaking in the appreciation of the good days moving forward.

These friends, are forever.

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