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Snowflake Miracle

March 20th, 2020 is where it all began for us, little one.

After four years, frozen in time, we were united.

I remember everything about that day. The excitement of waking up, knowing I’d be carrying you inside me within hours. The embryologist who carried your precious life in a tiny tube to where I was lying and waiting. The tears as they showed us your tiny bright light after your transfer. Getting french fries, wearing pineapple socks and a pineapple shirt, and so many other superstitious things because Mama was desperate. Desperate for this to work- for you to make it.

Ten days later we got the call that you did make it. You showed Mama you were a fighter.

Two days later, you gave Mama more hope because my blood levels doubled. I had never had that before which always led to losses. Not with you, though.

Weeks later, we would hear your beautiful heartbeat. Something we never got to experience before.

Then you kept thriving. Growing. You showed Mama she could do this. She could carry a precious life.

No matter how much fear and anxiety I had, there you were. This tiny but strong force of life shouting, “I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.”

Then you were born. My love for you evolved even more. Ever since then and for always, I will be so grateful for random strangers who wanted to give others a chance to grow their family and experience pregnancy. Grateful for you and your beautiful story.

My sweet Henry, my Ging. May this world be a better place because you exist.

Happy transfer date, our perfect snowflake.

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