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Meet Leah - Vice President + Treasurer

As a mother to my daughter who has always been so good with and wanted children, the

journey was a difficult one. Your motherly instinct is to always want to protect your child, but

there are just some things you can’t prevent- heartache is one of them.

Each miscarriage was difficult and heart breaking. I wanted to know - why is this happening to my daughter; it is not fair. I knew she would make such a loving and nurturing mother and I wanted to see her dreams come true.

I tried to be supportive and keep my emotions aside, she needed me to be strong and be there for her to express her feelings. I too was so sad and angry; I was jealous of my friends that got to be grandparents. Every time one of them would say my daughter or son is having a baby, I would tell them congratulations while feeling so hopeless. I was happy for them but also felt like it wasn’t fair for my daughter and son-in-law. They wanted and deserved this so badly.

Their dreams, as well as mine, finally came true. We could not be more grateful to be on this

side of things. When I hold our grandbabies, my heart still breaks for those parents and

grandparents just waiting to get this chance. That feeling of how unfair this path is has not been lost on me and I want to do anything I can to help support others who are where we were- this is why I joined this foundation.

Everyone should be able to witness their child be a parent if that is the path they choose and infertility should not stand in their way.

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