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Jessica’s Journey: Part 3- Chlomid Moments


I do apologize for the lack of updates. Apparently this whole fertility process is not as clean cut as I had hoped. Last we spoke, I updated you on what I was diagnosed with, taking my first round of Chlomid, and getting my 21 day blood test a few weeks later.

The Chlomid definitely gave me, what I like to call, Chlomid Moments. Chlomid Moments can be extreme hot flashes in which even your birthday suit isn't relief enough or irrational amounts of crying due to easily hurt feelings. I legit ”yell-cried” at my boss.

In all honesty though, it wasn't that bad. The hot flashes, for example, were during times when I would be warm naturally, but the hot flash makes it more extreme. So it's not like you'll be standing outside in 32 degree temps and start sweating to death. The irrational crying was during times when I would take something personal or be upset by something, but I am not a girl who cries easily, and this pill made me a sobber.

After my 21 day blood test, I eagerly awaited the results to tell me if I ovulated or not. I am the eternal optimist and have to admit, a big part of me convinced myself I was and that this would work on month 1. However, that was not the case according to my doctor. Bless his heart as he is a man, but a little softer messaging could have been utilized. He literally told me in three different ways how I didn't ovulate at all. I was irritated as I thought the gaining of weight, running less, and taking care of myself would do the trick. The next part of the plan was to take Chlomid but with a double dosage. The issue is, you have to take Chlomid on day 5 of your cycle, but I didn't have cycles on my own without birth control which I wasn't on.

He told me to wait two weeks and then schedule an ultrasound to see how my uterus looked before they would give me a shot of progesterone to induce a period. I waited and nothing happened so I went in for an ultrasound. My follow up call was an odd relief. He noted that my uterus was actually building up which indicated I could have a period. He said I am suspicious of PCOS but isn't entirely sure I have it. Then he told me to wait two more weeks to see if I had a period. This part bothered me as I just wanted to start my next round of Chlomid. Obviously patience is not my strength. fateful Sunday a week later, I was pleasantly surprised to finally have a monthly visitor! I honestly cried as it felt so good to know that I had done what I needed to do. I was too thin before and ran too much. My body couldn't handle it so it did what it had to in order to survive.

I began taking my next round of Chlomid on Thursday. It was a tough start as it had two pills for each dose and it said to take once daily. Of course my complicated brain took that as take them 12 hours apart. After several Google searches of gals who had made the same mistake but still ovulated, I felt reassured.

Today is my last day of Chlomid, so now the "fun" begins. I will take my 21 day blood test in a few weeks and hopefully ovulate. Even if I don't get pregnant this time around, just knowing I am ovulating will give me hope. Until then, I continue praying and keeping positive.

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