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Infertility Series: Frozen in Time - Part 2

December 21st, 2019

It appears this body is not a baby making vessel. After 4 months of pills, injections, and assuming everything was a sign I was pregnant, not a single positive pregnancy test has resulted. Please don't be sad for me, though; I was secretly worried we would get pregnant, and I couldn't let that negatively affect my sweet boy. Plans B (IVF via embryo adoption) and Plan C (infant adoption) both would have similar, special stories in how they came to be which is what I prefer. Blood and DNA have nothing to do with family and just because we can't get pregnant "naturally" doesn't mean Edison won't have a sibling. So here we are at Plan B and I am so ready. I think.....

My Daily Companion

Look at those beauties. Ever since I knew we were pursuing IVF, I knew injections would be part of it. It isn't like I haven't stuck a needle in me before. I did it once a month for several months. This is different, though. These will be a daily part of my life for several weeks, and then I do a different injection towards the end which will be a bit more painful, so I've heard. It sounds daunting, terrifying, and annoying all in one, but I also know it is what I have to do. Thus, I am giving myself the advice I give many, "Suck it up buttercup." This is when having a crazy type - A personality comes in handy. Instead of fearing the needles, I am going to embrace them. I have my calendar out, I've watched the videos, and I have my plan of when I will do them. It's like I get to play doctor on myself or conduct a science experiment. No feelings involved, just inject and stay the course. Now, this all sounds great, but you are hearing from me the afternoon before the first injection, so guaranteed there will be a slew of emotions and hills as we get closer to transfer, but I've got this.

What's Next?

My doctor happens to be fantastic and wants to do an ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis - say that ten times fast). This test will help determine the best window for transfer. So I am to follow the same regime I would for transfer but instead of a transfer at the end of January, they will do the ERA. Following that, I will do this all over again which will lead to a transfer at the end of March. At that time, we will transfer 1 embryo and cross our fingers. If that doesn't work, we are shooting for two embryos to be transferred in May. At that point, if we are not pregnant, infant adoption will be next. It sounds like a lot, but it all leads to good things and I trust in the plan. The bigger picture will be revealed so I just need to enjoy the ride. Stay tuned, friends!

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