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Infertility + Loss Real Talk Recap: Pregnancy After Loss

Once you are finally pregnant after loss, you expect to embrace this new pregnancy and soak in all of the joy that comes with it. After the initial excitement, the fear and anxiety appear. Your mind plays tricks on you and makes you question how this pregnancy will be different than the one that didn't last. This paralyzes you. How are you supposed to last 9 months waiting for something to go wrong?

If this sounds familiar, we understand this pain. Pregnancy after loss can be debilitating. We spent time with Jillian, a therapist from Rooted Counseling, to talk about ways to cope with pregnancy after loss, how to support others, and resources.

What Should I Do if I am Experiencing Anxiety During my Pregnancy?

  • Talk to your OB. They can refer you to a therapist and prescribe medication if needed after a proper screening.

  • Find a therapist. Talking about your feelings with a professional is important as they can help you with tools to get through this trying time.

  • Communicate your fears to those closest to you that you trust.

  • Be gentle and remind yourself that your loss matters and these feelings you have are valid.

How Can I Support Someone Going Through Pregnancy Anxiety After Loss?

  • Remind the person that you are there and that they can rely on you for support any time.

  • Allow the person the opportunity to talk about that fears.

  • Make room for them to talk about the baby they lost.

  • Do not compare one loss to another. All losses matter.

What Resources are There?

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