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An Open Letter to the Teacher Waiting for Their Own Littles

To the teacher who is still waiting for littles of your own,

You are surrounded by other people‘s children and some days, it really sucks.

Why did you pick the career that would end up being the biggest trigger?

Because you had no clue- no idea that having children would be anything but easy.

You see the lives they go home to and you curse at whatever God made this happen.

The little boy who always relies on you for snacks, yet his mom always seems so have her nails done and new phone to flaunt.

The girl who’s family you had to call CPS on because her mom’s boyfriend hurts her.

The family of 6 kids, all from different partners, whom you wait for hours with until they are finally picked up.

Why were their parents able to procreate and not you?


But you still do it.




You show up for these kids, because they need you.

If you could adopt them you would instantly. You love them.

They might not be your “own,” but they are

yours and you are theirs.

So you keep doing the work. Keep showing up.

It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do- taking care and loving other people’s children while desperately wanting your


But if anyone can do it, it’s you.

And when your time finally comes, you’ll have 29 little aunts and uncles to love on your little like you loved them.


An ex teacher who wasn’t strong enough to stay ♥️

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