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The Fertility Center

The One Wish Foundation

Family begins with One Wish

The One Wish Foundation is here to create a community so that anyone experiencing infertility or seeking adoption knows they aren't alone.

Who We Are

Here at The One Wish Foundation, we know what it's like to have that one wish- to have a family. After finally being able to be blessed with our two beautiful boys through IVF and adoption, we have made it our goal to provide support for those who have that same wish. Our foundation:​

  • Provides grants to ease the financial burden that comes with infertility treatment and adoption.

  • Creates a community of people who know what it's like to struggle with starting a family. 

  • Provides resources and support for those experiencing infertility and pregnancy loss. 


“And with everything that was ever felt, everything happens. That everything is YOU. That everything is US. You are here."

Matthew Cordell


Share Your Story or Apply for a Grant


Are you in need of a grant to alleviate the cost of infertility treatment or adoption? 

Sharing is Caring

Have you been impacted by infertility or adoption and want to share your success story?

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Jessica Walter

Founder | Executive Director


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Leah Lone

Vice President

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